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Estate Planning Lessons Learned

Here's an article that I came across in Forbes magazine that really does a nice job of laying out why it's so very important to have at least a basic estate plan in place. The article relates one woman's personal story of what she learned about money and estate matters after her father's death. As she tells it, her father was good but complicated man and, unfortunately, he left her with a real mess to deal with when he died.

To often in our practice we find that people who have spent a lifetime building up a business and a family legacy, haven't given any thought at all as to what will become of it all after their death. Obviously, estate planning isn't typically I subject that most folks want to spend a lot of time talking about, but it's certainly not a matter that should be ignored.

Take a read and see if you might not be unintentionally setting your loved ones up for the same kind of estate administration problems. Remember, estate planning doesn't have to be scary, but not having any estate plan at all should be.

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