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Real Estate Law is a Direct Extension of Our Estate Planning & Probate Estate Administration Related Services.

A large portion—and value—of the many Estates that we administer each year are grounded firmly in the Real Estate holdings of the Decedent. Such holdings can consist of not only of residential properties, but also commercial properties, secondary vacation homes and business properties as well. All such real estate holdings come into play and need to be considered when formulating and putting together an appropriate estate plan. As such, Estate Planning, Probate Estate Administration and Real Estate Law often need to work “hand in hand.”

At American Wills & Estates we have expanded our core competency to include many aspects of Real Estate Law including, but not limited to, the day-to-day nuts and bolts of proper Real Estate Transfers & Titling, Deed Preparation, and Property Sales and Transfers.

Our real estate law services are a logical extension to our estate planning and estate administration services when you consider how integral the titling of real estate can be to a well-planned Estate. If such matters are not properly addressed while the property owner is still living, the administration of that individual’s estate and the whole probate process could become much more difficult, burdensome and expensive.

At American Wills & Estates, our lawyers can assist you not only with the preparation of a new Deed to your property, but, if you are buying or selling a home, we can also guide you through the entire sales process. We draft sales agreements, mortgages, notes, leases (both residential and commercial), and many other real estate related documents as well. Our lawyers can also conduct closings and will help you arrange and obtain title searches and title insurance on properties.

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