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How Your Property is Titled Now Will Determine How it Transfers After Your Death

The finer details of Estate Planning can make a measurable difference in how smoothly the settling of one’s final affairs can be. Deed preparation and property re-titling is often an important component of that process.

At American Wills & Estates, our attorneys have prepared countless Deeds over the years between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, and other family members as one component of putting together and developing comprehensive estate plans for our clients.

A Properly Titled Deed Determines How Your Property Transfers.

If you own property in your name alone at your death, it will pass to your heirs through probate and will therefore become subject to the potential claims of any creditors you may have. If you own property as Tenants by the Entireties or as Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship the property will pass automatically to the last surviving joint owner.

Property ownership can also be titled as Tenants in Common, In Trust, for the term of a Life Estate and in a number of other ways as well. For clients advancing in years, we often discuss the pro and cons associated with adding one or more of their children or grandchildren onto the deeds to their properties. Taking such steps can not only avoid probate, but also dramatically ease the time, costs and expenses typically associated with estate administration. Still, such decisions have to be considered carefully and on a case-by-case basis.

Experienced Attorneys For Property Re-titling, Estate Planning & Real Estate Law:

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Deed Preparation, Like Estate Planning, Is A Process

Our lawyers can assist you with the preparation of a new Deed to your property. Plus, if you are buying or selling a home, we can also guide you through the entire sales process. We can assist with sales agreements, title searches, title insurance, closings, mortgages, notes, leases (both residential and commercial) and related real estate documentation.

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