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Understanding Probate Estate Administration and Executor or Administrator Responsibility.

When a person passes away, a number of legal considerations are quickly put into motion to settle that person’s “Estate”. It is necessary to take into consideration the sum total of the assets, holdings and liabilities that the individual either acquired or incurred during their lifetime.

This is the process of Probate Estate Administration—one of our core services at American Wills and Estates.  The formal Probate process begins with the opening of the Decedent’s estate in the court of the local county in which they died, but that’s really just the beginning of a complicated process designed to ensure that the person’s final wishes are fulfilled and carried out accordingly.

An Executor (someone designated to manage final affairs by the Decedent—the person who died) has a host of responsibilities. In the absence of a Will, an Administrator is the legal term given to the individual designated to handle the same responsibilities.

Probate Estate Administration attorneys help you organize financial documents and personal paperwork, catalog and locate assets, investments and holdings, identify creditors and claims against the Estate, and ultimately help you move the estate toward distribution in a competent, legally enforceable and timely manner.

Unlike the vast majority of law firms, we offer most of our Probate Estate Administration services on a LOW FLAT FEE BASIS. We also do not expect to be paid for our legal services until the administration of the estate has been completed.

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