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So You Don't Think You Need Estate Planning? Think Again!

Boy oh boy, every time I hear someone say "I don't need any estate planning, that's just for rich people", it makes me roll my eyes up in my head.  Here's an article from Forbes Magazine that should be a real eye opener for all of you procrastinators out there.  Estate planning is not just for old, rich people.  In fact, one of the most important roles it can play is to provide for the protection of young families with minor children.  God forbid, but happens in the event the parents of a young child or children both die in an accident?  Who's going to take care of the kids?  Who are they going to live with?  Who's going to manage and dole out the money to them?  At what ages are they going to receive their inheritance tax?  If these questions don't make you nervous, they certainly should.  Read the article and you'll find that there are a number of other extremely important considerations that proper estate planning can address.


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