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Millennials Need to be Educated on the Importance of Estate Planning

I came across this great article on why as attorneys we need to spend more time educating millennials on the importance of estate planning. So often in our practice we encounter young people who are just starting families of their own who come into our offices with respect to helping their own parents get their estate planning affairs in order.

Most of the time when we ask them about whether or not they have done any estate planning of their own, their answers are no and their reasoning is that that's something only elderly people need to do. Obviously, that kind of reasoning couldn't be more wrong.

The most important and critical time to have a well drafted estate plan in place is during that time when your children are still minors and incapable of taking care of themselves. God forbid that the parents of young children would both be killed in an accident, but it's essential for them to have a plan in place that addresses just that kind of scenario. Despite that fact, I'd be willing to bet that, based on my experience, less than 15 percent of such young families have done any kind of estate planning at all.

Read the article and share it's importance with your friends and family members. If you'd like to learn just how easy it can be to put an estate plan in place that will protect and secure both you and your family's future wellbeing, give us a call today at (412) 381-7370 or visit our law firm online at http://www.americanwillsandestates.com


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