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What are Durable Power of Attorneys and How do They Work as Part of Your Estate Plan?

Durable Power of Attorneys (POA’s) are legally enforceable documents by which you can designate, appoint and authorize another person(s) to act on your behalf in the event of either your mental or physical incapacity or disability.

The person(s) that you select as your “Agent” under a Durable Power of Attorney will be responsible for taking over the day in and day out management of both your personal and financial affairs. Among other things, the person(s) that you select as you “Agent” will have the power to make both medical and financial decisions on your behalf, sell you property, make gifts on your behalf, borrow money, file your taxes and much, much more. Clearly, your “Agent” needs to be a very responsible, trustworthy individual who will always act with the aim of protecting your best interests.

How Much Does a Durable Power of Attorney Cost?

At American Wills & Estates we can draft a comprehensive (12 to 15 page) Durable Power of Attorney on your behalf for as little as $100.00.  Helping you understand exactly how a well drafted Durable Power of Attorney will work as a part and in concert with your overall comprehensive estate plan is how our lawyers will make the real difference for you. We're Pittsburgh's #1 choice for Probate Estate Administration and Estate Planning Law.

At American Wills & Estates our Attorneys are there to assist in:

  • Helping you to choose the right “Agent” to act on your behalf
  • Helping you to understand the powers that you’re giving to your “Agent”
  • Explaining the Power of Attorney to your “Agent”
  • Formulating and drafting your overall estate plan
  • Minimizing and easing the potential strain on your loved ones

Remember, it’s extremely important to choose your “Agent” wisely and with care.

We’re here to help you through this process and to assist you in determining who might be the best person(s) to act on your behalf. All too often, people will simply appoint their children in the order of their ages to fill this pivotal and vital role. At American Wills & Estates it’s our job to help you choose the individual(s) you feel will be most prudent and responsible in carrying out your day-to-day needs. Our Wills and Estate Lawyers are ready to provide assistance.

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