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Understanding Fiduciary Fraud & Abuse Inside Estates, Trusts and Guardianships

Executors, Administrators, Trustees and Guardians of either minors or incapacitated individuals are entrusted to oversee the proper administration and distribution of those assets under their control for the sole benefit of the beneficiaries. There are no grey areas—and there is no real wiggle room for interpretation or fiduciary “freelancing.”

Failure on their part to act on behalf of the beneficiaries, minors or incapacitated persons they are designated to protect, may leave them liable for their negligence and/or malfeasance, and, in some cases, may even lead to criminal charges being brought against them.

American Wills & Estates Represents and Protects the Interests of Injured Beneficiaries.

The attorneys at American Wills & Estates represent beneficiaries of trusts, estates and guardianships who have been the victims of fiduciary fraud or fiduciary abuse. This can take many forms—either accidentally or intentionally—and demands experienced legal counsel. Have funds been improperly withdrawn or used either accidentally or intentionally? Are real estate transfers illegal or improper? Are personal property or assets of the estate being used in violation of the provisions provided by a Trust or Guardianship? 

Our Experience With Fiduciary Fraud Litigation Includes:

  • Executor, Administrator and/or Trustee Fraud
  • Guardianship Fraud & Abuse
  • Elder Fraud

Fiduciary Fraud Is Not A Victimless Crime.

When beneficiary assets are being improperly depleted, invested or retained in violation of Pennsylvania estate and trust laws, the attorneys at American Wills & Estates can take steps to stop such practices, and ensure the Trust, Estate or Guardianship is being properly managed, administered and maintained.

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