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Understanding that Elder Fraud and Financial Abuse is Criminal Behavior.

As we age, we sometimes lose our ability to think clearly and to properly manage both our daily personal and financial affairs. And though we don’t like to consider the possibility, we could become susceptible and fall prey to those criminal-minded individuals looking to exploit and take advantage of our weakened conditions.

Elder fraud and financial abuse can take place in many ways. It can occur through the fraudulent or illegal transfer of a person’s home or other real estate, the illicit re-titling or closing of their bank or investment accounts, or the improper or undue pressuring of them to make changes or amendments to their Trust, Will or other Estate Planning documents.

American Wills & Estates Represents and Protects Senior Citizens.

Our attorneys have many years of experience in litigating cases involving elder fraud and financial abuse cases.  Since our law firm specializes in all facets of meticulously planning and administrating Wills, Estates and Trusts, our lawyers know how to investigate the events leading up to the potential elder fraud; how to uncover the full nature and scope of the financial abuse that transpired; and how to prepare a strong and persuasive case that will enable us to go after and recover lost or stolen assets.

Our Experience With Elder Fraud and Abuse Litigation Includes:

  • Fiduciary Fraud
  • Elder Fraud
  • Estate & Trust Fraud
  • Guardianship Fraud & Elder Abuse

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Remember: victims of elder fraud and financial abuse have spent their lifetimes working and saving to build their estates. Their hard earned assets were intended to be there for them in their golden years, or to be available to pass on to loved ones as they have directed. At American Wills & Estates, it is our job to see to it that happens as planned. Contact American Wills & Estates today for a free consultation at 412-381-7370 or by using our simple online inquiry form.

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