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Stop Procrastinating About Estate Planning

I know, I know, who really wants to talk about Wills.  Trust me, I get it.  Nobody wants to face that fact that we don't get to live forever.  Well until they figure that one out, and lord only knows with all the medical advances we see every day they just might, having a well drafted estate plan is essential.

Estate Planning doesn't have to be scary or expensive.  At American Wills & Estates we've been preparing estate plans for clients in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania with competency, compassion and care for over 25 years.  For a single adult individual, we can prepare a comprehensive plan consisting of a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Power of Attorney and a Living Will for just $175.00.  That same type of plan for a married or cohabiting couple consisting of 2 of each of those documents can be prepared for just $350.00. 

I hear people say every day, "I'll just prepare these documents myself" or "I'll use an online service like Legal Zoom and I'll save a lot of money."  Why are both of those thoughts bad ideas?  First of all, these are extremely important legal documents that should be tailored precisely to your family's specific individual needs.  They also need to comport with current Pennsylvania statutory law.  Secondly, when folks use online services like Legal Zoom, they’re not getting actual legal advice and they'll typically find out that they will have spent as much or sometimes even more than they would have had they simply gone to see an attorney in the first place.

Quit putting it off.  You’ve worked way too hard not to take some basic steps to protect your family and your hard earned legacy.  Give us a call today to schedule your free legal consultation or visit our law firm online.  You’ll be glad you did.

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