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How to Make a Love One's Final Days as Comfortable as Possible

Not many people realize this, but Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, has the second most elderly population base of anywhere in the country second only to Dade County, Florida.  Because we have so many senior citizens living here, it's extremely important to share information with them and their families that can help make their golden years happier, safer and, all around, more enjoyable. 

Here is a great article from our friends at redfin.com that deals with the extremely important issue of making a loved one's final days as comfortable as possible.  While we all know that death is a part of life, it certainly doesn't mean that the end of life has to be filled with unnecessary pain, discomfort and stress.  Give the article a read.  I think it does a really nice job of laying out some of the important steps that we may all want to consider when faced with the task of my making a terminally ill loved one's final days as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  


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