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Estate Planning Can Make a Big Difference

So you think estate planning has to be dull and boring?  Here's a list of some prominent celebrities who clearly understood the significance of having a well thought out and drafted estate plan in place.  All of these individuals left sizable legacies to their families, friends, charities and other heirs in prudent and thoughtful manners that avoided the fighting and animosity that we have so often come to expect when it comes to the probate estate administration of a celebrity's estate.  Whether by simple Last Will and Testament or more sophisticated trusts, endowments or other bequest, these celebrities got it right and saved their loved ones countless time, money and aggravation in navigating the probate process.


Most of us will never leave estates rivaling those of these and other celebrities, but that doesn't me that we don't also need to get it right when it comes to making our own estate plans. If you've been procrastinating about getting your own estate plan in place, it's time to stop.  Give us a call today to schedule your free legal consultation or visit our firm online at www.americanwillsandestates.com 

You've worked way to hard to leave your estate plan up to chance.  Take action and protect your loved ones today.


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