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12 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Relevant and Connected

In our law practice we often meet with senior citizens who have procrastinated and put off for years having an estate plan prepared.  Unfortunately, the older the clients are the more emotionally charged this whole estate planning process often becomes.  After all, the thought of our own mortality only becomes all the more heightened the older we get.

Another unfortunate thing that we encounter on a regular basis when meeting with seniors is that many of them are living very reclusive, shut-in lifestyles.  We always hear about the "golden years", but the hard reality is that many older adults have very little social interaction.  I'm certainly no expert on how such isolation can effect a person's health, but I can't imagine that it's a good thing.

Here's a really nice article that I came across that outlines 12 simple steps that we can all take to help seniors stay active, connected and relevant.  God willing, we're all going to be seniors in the not too distant future.  Read the article and see if you can implement a few of the suggestions to help a senior citizen in your own family or neighborhood stay connected.


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