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We strive to make the process of estate planning and estate administration as simple and straightforward as possible. At American Wills and Estates we speak to our clients in plain English, and we are sensitive to the fact that many of our clients are still grieving the loss of a loved one. Our number one goal is to put our clients at ease and to reassure them with competency and compassion in their times of need.

Estate Planning for Seniors

Moving a Loved One into Assisted Living or Personal Care

Moving a parent or other loved one into an assisted living or personal care/nursing home type of facility is never easy. Here's a caretakers guide that does a nice job of laying out, in a step-b-step manner, the many different things that need to be taken into consideration when making such a decision.

https://www.closetbox.com/resources/... Read More

Important Steps to Take When a Parent or Loved One Starts to Show Signs of Alzheimer's or Dementia

5.5 million Americans are currently suffering from Alzheimer's disease and 1 in 3 of us our likely to be impacted by it during our lifetimes. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, the importance of planning in advance to protect ourselves as best as possible against the potential impact of this awful disease becomes all the more important.... Read More

Estate Planning for Young Families

Millennials Need to be Educated on the Importance of Estate Planning

I came across this great article on why as attorneys we need to spend more time educating millennials on the importance of estate planning. So often in our practice we encounter young people who are just starting families of their own who come into our offices with respect to helping their own parents get their estate planning affairs in order.

... Read More

The Greatest May Not Have Had the Greatest Estate Plan

He was "The Greatest" and I certainly hope that he get's to rest in peace, but it sure looks like he might be in for one more fight from beyond the grave as his heirs prepare to do battle over his estate. It's a shame, but it looks like the champ may become another celebrity example of poor estate planning. Let's hope not, but it certainly should serve... Read More

Estate Planning is Vitally Important to those Suffering the Early Stages of Alzheimer's

The Gene Wilder story really drives home the importance of why having a valid, current and well drafted estate plan in place is just so important.


According to current 2017 figures 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's dementia and 1 in 10 of us will be impacted by this dreaded disease during our lifetimes. While a... Read More

15 Very Strange Ways to Die

One thing in life is certain and that's death. Here's a little video of 15 folks who perished in some very strange ways to say the least.


​Hopefully none of these very odd deaths awaits any of us, but it's a good reminder of why having a well drafted estate plan in place is so important.
... Read More

Estate Planning Doesn't Have to be Complicated

I think a lot of folks put off doing their estate planning because, let’s face it, no one really wants to dwell on their own mortality.  That being said, the other biggest reason for such procrastination is probably the fear that it is going to be a complicated and expensive matter to pursue.

The reality is that, for the vast majority of us, our... Read More

Overwhelmed Executor-Estate Planning

Why Choosing the Right Executor is so Important

Here's an interesting article that I came across that does a nice job of explaining why choosing the right Executor to handle the administration of your estate is so important. Picking the right person can go along way towards avoid a lot of headaches and problems for your heirs after your death.  Remember, not having any estate plan at all is still the... Read More

Avoiding Probate

How a Transfer on Death (TOD) Designation Can Help Avoid Probate

I'm always talking to my clients about simple steps they can take that go along ways toward avoiding probate costs and expenses for their children. Here's a great article on how a Transfer on Death (TOD) designation can go along way toward helping you avoid probate. Take a look.


If you'd like to find out more about... Read More

Low Cost Probate Estate Administration Legal Services In Pittsburgh and Throughout Western Pennsylvania

If you’ve recently lost a loved one and are looking to hire an experienced and trusted Probate Estate Administration law firm at the right price, look no further. At American Wills & Estates we’ve been guiding clients in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania through the often difficult probate process with competency, compassion and care for... Read More

Estate Planning: Don't Wait Until You're Old

Yes Millennials, even you folks need to start thinking about estate planning. Here's a great article from the Denver Post about why it's so important to start early when it comes to implementing a well drafted estate plan. This is an especially important consideration for all those families out there with very young children and no succession plan ... Read More

5 Common Misconceptions About Power of Attorneys

Clients are always asking me, 'do I really need a Durable Power of Attorney?' The short answer is yes, it's an extremely important element of a well drafted estate plan.

Here's an article that I recently read that does a nice job of explaining some of the common misconceptions people have when it comes to power of attorneys. Take a look.

... Read More

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