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We strive to make the process of estate planning and estate administration as simple and straightforward as possible. At American Wills and Estates we speak to our clients in plain English, and we are sensitive to the fact that many of our clients are still grieving the loss of a loved one. Our number one goal is to put our clients at ease and to reassure them with competency and compassion in their times of need.

  • Best Estate Lawyers in Pittsburgh

    American Wills & Estates is a locally owned and founded law firm that has been assisting clients in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania with the often trying and frustrating Probate Estate Administration process with competency, compassion and care for over 25 years. So, what really sets our law firm apart?

    ● Our law firm’s practice... Read More

  • How to Avoid Probate Estate and Trust Litigation

    So what kind of situations can lead to litigation in probate court? Well, the simple answer is many different things. However, I recently came across an article by an estate attorney in California that does a nice job of identifying 10 of the primary reasons folks end up in estate litigation.

    If you are the Executor of a loved one's estate or the... Read More

  • Recently Experienced a Death in the Family? Here are Ten Things You Need to Know

    A Deceased Person’s Power of Attorney is No Longer Valid

    People often confuse the fact that, if they were the deceased person’s agent under a Durable Power of Attorney while he or she was still alive, they can then use that same authority to go forward with the administration of the individual’s estate. But beware, that document becomes null and void... Read More

  • Probate Help in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania

    Need Assistance with Probate? Our Law Firm Can Help

    If you've recently lost a loved one and find yourself confused and unsure with how to proceed with the administration of the individual's estate, American Wills & Estates can help. We are a local Pittsburgh law firm who have been guiding clients throughout Western Pennsylvania through the probate... Read More

  • Make Sure Your Digital Property Assets are Included in Your Estate Plan

    We live in an ever increasingly digital world. Because of this, we have found that it has become all the more important that we take into consideration our clients so called digital "footprint" when formulating an appropriate estate plan.

    Most of us don't even realize how much digital information and property we have stored online. It's vital that... Read More

  • Make Sure Your Last Will and Testament is Prepared Properly

    I'm always amazed when I hear people say that they either prepared their own Last Will and Testament had it done by their CPA, their financial adviser, a notary public or some kind of online service. Most folks way to hard trust the preparation of such an important and vital document to a non-lawyer layperson.

    The late actor, Philip Seymour... Read More

  • Don't Forget Your Pets When Formulating Your Estate Plan

    As the owner of three rescue dogs this is always an issue that is near and dear to my heart. When you sit down to discuss having your estate plan and a Last Will and Testament put into place, make sure you take the opportunity to advise your attorney as to whether or not you have pets or other animals that will need to be cared for and placed into a good... Read More

  • Inside We Are All Forever Young

    A helpful reminder to us all. God willing, one day we are all going to be old, so make sure you always treat your elders with the same respect you'd wish to be treated with.


  • Overdose Response Guide

    Hardly a day goes by lately that we don't see an obituary in the paper about another young person who has lost their battle with addiction. It's a true crisis that we should all be concerned about. It's also important that we understand that drug and alcohol addiction affects people of all ages, races and social and economic spectra.

    A friend of... Read More

  • Probate Pittsburgh

    Estate Planning Can Make a Big Difference

    So you think estate planning has to be dull and boring?  Here's a list of some prominent celebrities who clearly understood the significance of having a well thought out and drafted estate plan in place.  All of these individuals left sizable legacies to their families, friends, charities and other heirs in prudent and thoughtful manners that avoided the... Read More

  • Senior Estate Planning

    12 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Relevant and Connected

    In our law practice we often meet with senior citizens who have procrastinated and put off for years having an estate plan prepared.  Unfortunately, the older the clients are the more emotionally charged this whole estate planning process often becomes.  After all, the thought of our own mortality only becomes all the more heightened the older we get.... Read More

  • Estate Planning for Seniors

    Moving a Loved One into Assisted Living or Personal Care

    Moving a parent or other loved one into an assisted living or personal care/nursing home type of facility is never easy. Here's a caretakers guide that does a nice job of laying out, in a step-b-step manner, the many different things that need to be taken into consideration when making such a decision.

    https://www.closetbox.com/resources/... Read More

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